Private Jet Card Comparisons – Know Before You Buy

Private Jet Services Group Launches Limited Time 15-Hour Jet Card

Jet card hourly pricing is the same as 25-hour cards


Private Jet Services (PJS) Group is turning 15 years old, and while it is better known for its work doing live entertainment tours, political campaigns, road shows, sports team travel and corporate shuttles, it wants more people like you to know it also sells jet cards, which is the point of the 15-hour jet card (compared to the normal 25 hour jet card) it is offering to celebrate its milestone. 


How long the offer will be out? It’s hard to tell. It’s not on the company’s website, and we only found out about it as we were talking to Chief Marketing Officer Michael Farley. He told Private Jet Card Comparisons the idea was to give those of you who had been looking PJS a reason to pull the trigger. He said the company has not decided how long it will keep the offer on the market.


“The 15 Hour Card is a great option to test our services. It comes with the full benefits of the larger cards, with the same exact locked rate. I can build it in any size category you need – Light, Mid, Super-Mid, Heavy. The purchase price is all-inclusive purchase price below. Funds never expire and there is 365-day access,” Farley told us.

Below is an example of the PJS Group 15-Hour Light Elite Card:


You can find more details on PJS Group jet cards here.

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