Comparing Jet Card Membership Programs? Private Jet Card Comparisons Will Save You Hours Of Research

By Doug Gollan, September 20, 2017

Private Jet Card Comparisons is the only independent buyer’s guide comparing private jet card membership programs


Are you in the market for a jet card? There are many reasons to buy a jet card for your private aviation travel, including convenience, safety assurances, guaranteed availability, locking in an hourly rate and so on. Due to the popularity of jet card membership, the field of players has increased significantly. Private Jet Card Comparisons tracks 27 companies and over 100 programs. 


Each program has different service areas and different rules and policies, so finding the right program for you takes a bit of research. Before Private Jet Card Comparisons, you would have had to go online, search for companies, then request information. After requesting information, you would have to take what was sent to you and collate it into a comparison spreadsheet covering aspects of the programs that are important to you, for example, the number of peak days, peak day surcharges, the lead time for reservations and cancellations, WiFi availability and more.


Private Jet Card Comparisons does it all for you. Paid subscribers can access our spreadsheets on Google documents, including being able to download and copy them to create direct comparisons for the programs that best fit your travel needs and preferences.

PJCC Spreadsheet Image

“Private Jet Card Comparisons saved me tens of hours of time doing research,” said one subscriber. Best of all, the comparisons cover 65 variables, including corporate information and details about escrow account options, something that the Zetta Jet Chapter 11 bankruptcy highlights.


The companies covered include:


Air Partner, Inc.

Airstream Jets Inc.

Clay Lacy Aviation

Concord Private Jet

Delta Private Jets, Inc.



Jet Aviation Flight Services, Inc.

Jet Linx Aviation

JetSet Group


Magellan Jets

NetJets / Marquis Jet

Nicholas Air

Paramount Business Jets

Private Jet Service Group (PJS Group)


Prive Jets

Sentient Jet

Silverhawk Aviation

Solairus Aviation

Star Jets International LLC

StraightLine Private Air


Wheels Up

Wholesale Jet Club



If you are wondering why you don’t see JetSmarter, Victor or Apollo Jets, three notable brokers, it’s because none of the three offer jet card programs.

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