PJS, which has flown Fleetwood Mac, Beyonce and Maroon 5, is targeting business travelers with this new partnership


Private Jet Services (PJS) Group says a new online distribution channel will connect the private jet broker directly to business travelers. TravelBank, a modern expense app for business travelers, offers businesses an efficient way to book travel, track expenses and earn rewards. The application’s proprietary algorithm predicts costs based on real-time market pricing allowing companies to gain a clear picture of future spend before it occurs.  


“More corporations are making the pivot to private aviation as the hassle and ancillary costs of commercial flights continue to grow,” says CEO of Private Jet Services Greg Raiff, adding, “PJS is proud to partner with TravelBank offering business travelers efficient solutions and direct flights on private aircraft.”


Business travelers will have access to the TravelBank concierge team to book ad-hoc charter trips on aircraft of all sizes and models. Additionally, TravelBank will feature the PJS Jet Card Program, a membership that enables holders to utilize jet aircraft at fixed hourly rates – prepaid hours of occupied flight time on a given aircraft size are debited by usage.


“It’s TravelBank’s goal to provide business travelers with as many options as possible that fit directly into their travel needs. Offering Private Jet Services’ inventory to our users is another great way for business travelers to book travel efficiently,” says Duke Chung, co-Founder and CEO of TravelBank.


PJS is a privately held aviation consultancy and air charter services provider founded in 2003 with a focus to provide air services to professional sports teams and their athletes, presidential candidates, government agencies and live entertainment tours, including Guns and Roses, Fleetwood Mac, Beyonce and Maroon 5. PJS also specializes in dedicated corporate shuttles. More recently, the company has built itself into a full-service provider of jet cards. In September, PJS partnered with Jackson Hole on a co-branded jet card.


How much do jet cards cost?


Private Jet Services jet cards start at $4,793 per hour and $119,825 for a 25-hour jet card, including fuel and taxes. Heavy aircraft jet cards start at $11,050 per hour or $276,250 for 25 hours. For each size category PJS offers Elite and Priority jet cards with the former guaranteeing an aircraft delivered year 2000 or newer.


PJS is also planning to launch Wingshare by Private Jet Services, an app that will enable its members to connect and save on their private jet travel by sharing flights. Wheels Up and JetSmarter, which doesn’t sell jet cards, offer sharing services for their members.




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