The referral bonus gives up to $7,000 of flight jet card flight credits

During February, Boston-based Magellan Jets is offer discounts and bonus credits for customers who refer users. By referring, you will receive $2,000 in flight credits when your referral books a flight or $4,000 with your referrals’ jet card membership purchase. The person you refer will get  $1,500 in flight credits after completion of their first trip or $3,000 in credits if they buy a jet card.

Jet Card Pricing Starts At $4,603 Per Hour

Magellan Jets cards begin at 25 hours and in addition to category cards covering light, midsize, super midsize and large-cabin jets, it also offers aircraft specific cards including the Hawker 400XP, Hawker 800XP, Falcon 2000, Gulfstream G450 and GIVSP. Its light jet card is $4,603 per hour, excluding 7.5% Federal Excise Tax.

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