Magellan Jets cuts rates, adds entry-level light jet card, Phenom 300 WiFi

Magellan Jets cuts rates, adds entry-level light jet card, Phenom 300 WiFi.

By Doug Gollan, May 12, 2023

Boston-based Magellan Jets is cutting prices on its fixed-rate jet card program as it adds restarts its entry-light jet card and adds a WiFi guarantee on Phenom 300s

Magellan Jets said it is cutting prices for its jet card hourly rates, joining fees, and renewal costs for its memberships.

Jet card rates are dropping by up to 6% per hour.

Membership renewal prices are dropping by $8,000 for Explorer100 and $2,000 for Explorer.

Hourly rates for the two membership programs are going down as well.

Full details are available for paid subscribers in our comparisons database.

Last week boutique broker Airstream Jets cut its jet card rates.

Early today, Wheels Up, the third largest operator in the U.S., joined in with lower pricing, and at the same time.

In Q1 of this year, hourly rates for fixed and capped-rate jet cards declined 5.2%, the first drop since 2020, although they remained 25% higher than during the start of the Covid private jet demand surge.

Of its move, Magellan Jets CEO and Founder Joshua Hebert said, “As a customer-first company, we’re excited to provide more value across our entire portfolio and offer our guests the strongest private aviation solutions.”

He added, “The private aviation market has opened back up, and Magellan’s client-centric program and robust infrastructure enable us to make these pivots on behalf of our customers.”

The Boston-based private jet provider is also adding back an entry-level light jet program for its jet cards, which start at 25 hours.

It’s also adding a WiFi guarantee for its Phenom 300 light jet program.

The WiFi guarantee applies to clients who purchase at least 50 hours.

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