Flexjet launches Flexjet Forum series

By Doug Gollan, October 1, 2019

The first forum featured President Bush in New York City last week

Directional Aviation’s Flexjet LLC, launched the Flexjet Forum last week. The event was first teased with event photographs on social media.

Designed to be a series of intimate and meaningful conversations, Flexjet Forums take place at unique venues with some of the world’s most influential people. Guest speakers are selectively chosen for their accomplishments, expertise, insights, and relevance to the interests of Flexjet owners, the company said in a press release.

The inaugural event featured President George W. Bush in Manhattan on September 25.

“In a digital world, in-person exchanges always rise above. The Flexjet Forum offers the opportunity to personally meet and engage in dialogues on fresh topics with national and global influencers,” said Flexjet chief executive officer Michael Silvestro. “Many of our owners are remarkable leaders in their own disciplines, so being able to connect them with these distinguished Flexjet Forum guests is priceless.”

President George Bush autographed a Gulfstream G650 seat for the Flexjet Forum held last week in New York City.

During the inaugural Flexjet Forum, Flexjet chairman Kenn Ricci moderated a wide-ranging fireside chat with President Bush on foreign policy, the economy, the importance of freedom in the world, his love of painting and the value of family. 

Flexjet says the Forum will be a series of private events for customers.

Upcoming Flexjet Forum events will feature accomplished individuals from a variety of disciplines including renowned business innovators, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, authors, academics, politicians and prominent figures from the media, sport, art, film, television, and music.


According to the release, “The unique settings and intimate audiences will make for encounters even the speakers have never previously experienced.”

Flexjet has been in the news recently as it plans to ramp up operations in Europe and launched a new program selling shares in its Gulfstream G650 fleet on a by-the-day basis. Flexjet is focused on fractional shares and leases, but also sells jet cards.

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