Flexjet opens London showroom; Names ex-NetJets exec MD Europe

By Doug Gollan, October 16, 2019

Flexjet House in London’s Mayfair comes in advance of its planned European expansion 

Flexjet LLC last night marked the opening of Flexjet House, a global experience center and office in London’s Mayfair district, for what the company called  “an integral step in Flexjet’s European expansion.” 

At the same time, Flexjet announced Marine Eugène, former head of sales in Europe for NetJets, has joined its team as European Managing Director. Travel to, from and within Europe jumped 44% this year.

In a press release, it noted, “Eugène is among an increasing number of former NetJets executives deciding to join Flexjet in its reinvention of the private aviation industry.”

Clay Wilcox, another NetJets exec, joined earlier this year to lead the sales effort for Flexjet’s by-the-day Gulfstream G650 fractional share offering.

Flexjet moves forward in Europe push

“In recent history, we have seen other private jet travel providers entering, and just as quickly leaving, the European market. Flexjet, however, has taken the time to understand the nuances of the market, carefully gaining operational experience, recruiting the finest talent and making the strategic acquisitions we need to become the finest provider of private jet travel in Europe.” said CEO Michael Silvestro, adding,  “The opening of our new London storefront, and the addition of a proven veteran such as Marine Eugène as European managing director, demonstrates the depth of our commitment to the market.”

Flexjet chairman Kenn Ricci, CEO Mike Silvestro, and new Europe MD Marine Eugène celebrate the opening of Flexjet House in London’s Mayfair district last night.

Eugène joined NetJets Europe in 2002 and she was instrumental in orchestrating the expansion of their sales organization after the economic crises of 2009 and 2011, successfully launching new fleets and program options, according to a press release.

In 2011, Eugène became a member of NetJets’ European-wide executive leadership, with responsibility for relations with senior client executives and ultra-high net worth individuals.

In August, Private Jet Card Comparisons reported Flexjet had launched a Europe-wide pilot recruiting campaign.

“Flexjet has spent the past three years laying the proper foundation to become a force in European private aviation,” said Eugène. “This foundation, including our new Flexjet House in Mayfair, has us well-positioned to execute on a dynamic growth strategy. We end 2019 with the building blocks in place, and look forward to 2020, a year in which you will see our European presence truly take flight.”

Flexjet House Mayfair

Flexjet House in London will allow prospective customers “to gain a fuller sense of Red Label by Flexjet,” something the company says, “Bridges the gap between traditional fractional ownership programs and whole-aircraft ownership through unique features such as flight crews dedicated to a single, specific aircraft, access to the world’s newest fleet and exclusive, custom cabin interiors featured in their LXi Cabin Collection.”

For customers visiting London, Flexjet House becomes their version of WeWorks. They can use it as a home base, including offices and conference rooms they can use, or a place to relax and grab a cup of tea or a cocktail.

The company said, “The level of convenience, comfort, and service provided to Flexjet owners at this experience center is similar to that of the Flexjet-Exclusive Private Terminals in the United States, except located in the heart of the London – one of the world’s biggest financial hubs.”

Flexjet acquired a United Kingdom operating certificate (AOC) through the acquisition of Flairjet Ltd. in 2016 from Marshall Aerospace. That AOC enables Flexjet to operate not only within the U.K. but also on the Continent. In 2018, Flexjet acquired a global operating certificate via a controlling interest in Milan, Italy-based Sirio S.p.A.

Flexjet Europe: New fleet announcements and programs coming

“Our new physical presence in central London is only the latest step in our European expansion,” added Eugène. “In the coming year, we expect to make further announcements about our European expansion, including the acquisition of new aircraft and new programs to expand access for European-based customers who surely will gravitate to the Flexjet Red Label experience.”

In addition to the space in London, Flexjet officially opened its European Tactical Control Centre north of London near Luton Airport. The European footprint also includes a maintenance facility at Milan Linate Airport in Italy.

The Tactical Control Centre was modeled after Flexjet’s operations control center at its global headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, which drew its inspiration from the NASA Mission Control in Houston, Texas.

Flexjet first entered the private jet fractional ownership market in 1995. It was acquired by Directional Aviation from Bombardier in 2013. It sits within OneSky Flight, LLC, which includes Sentient Jet, PrivateFly, a U.K.-based charter broker acquired last year, and Tuvoli, a B2B platform for charter operators and brokers, launched yesterday.

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