The offer represents a bonus of up to $20,000

Dallas-based JetSuite is sweetening the deal for its SuiteKey jet card through the end of 2019.

At its entry-level $100,000 membership, both new customers and members who renew get a bonus of up to one hour. 

For a $250,000 deposit, members get up to two bonus hours.

However, the biggest bonus provides up to three free hours on a deposit of $500,000, which would equate to about $20,000.

Other SuiteKey benefits include travel credits for its JetSuite Experiences, free helicopter transfers via Blade, and premium catering.

The private jet charter operator remade its jet card program last year, and then in September said it would focus growth on the Phenom 300 and new, larger aircraft.

That meant winding down its Phenom 100 jet card offer, although the very light jet remains available for on-demand charter on the West Coast.

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