ExpertJet rolls out extra COVID-19 risk prevention options

By Doug Gollan, May 4, 2020

Jet card and private jet charter broker ExpertJet is providing enhanced cleaning and pre-flight crew quarantine options for customers

Florida-based on-demand and jet card charter broker ExpertJet is unveiling incremental COVID-19 Coronavirus prevention options for travelers who want additional levels of safety.

Its founder, Andrew Flaxman, himself a business jet pilot, tells Private Jet Card Comparisons, the extra choices enable travelers to customize even higher levels of protection against the virus.

A recent study found chances of contact with COVID-19 is 30 times lower when flying by private jet compared to the airlines.

Additional services arranged by ExpertJet, available for an extra fee include:

• Professional cabin deep clean and disinfection

• Hygiene Kit with seat and table cover, plus hand sanitizer, wet wipes, and face mask

• Mandatory 48-hour no contact crew quarantine prior to your flight

• Full replacement of aircraft stock food, drink, and amenity replacement

• Point-to-point sterile ambulatory transportation via specialized charter operators

While pricing varies based on location, deep cleaning runs from $600 to advanced pathogen cleaning for $6,000. The 48-hour preflight crew quarantine would be circa $4,000. Replacing all the drinks and packaged snacks with a fresh supply runs $500.

Like others, ExpertJet is also stepping up the vetting of both the operators and car services it uses, including:

• Flight Crew/Driver’s health will be verified prior to departure

• Luggage will be minimally handled to reduce contamination

• Aircraft’s interior surfaces, seatbelts, etc., cleaned with an alcohol-based sanitizer before each trip

• Handshaking is strongly discouraged

• Crew will wear a mask upon request

• Fresh food will remain covered/wrapped onboard as long as practical

• Aircraft stock items treated with an alcohol-based disinfectant if handled by prior flight’s passengers

• Your crew’s general health and temperatures will be verified, along with sanitizing the aircraft interior

ExpertJet offers both a fixed-rate and dynamic pricing jet card. Deposit starts at $75,000.

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