Airstream Jets cuts jet card prices for July

By Doug Gollan, July 2, 2020

The Florida-based jet card broker uses mileage instead of minutes to calculate flight time

Jet card and on-demand private jet charter broker Airstream Jets is making two bonus offers valid for the month of July.

New customers get $5,000 off its $100,000 Gold Distance Card. Buyers of the Silver Distance Card, normally priced at $25,000, save $500.

While fixed-rate, guaranteed availability jet cards typically use either estimated or actual flight time to calculate your trip cost, Airstream uses a mileage-based format.

Using distance makes it easy to figure out the exact price for any journey. You just need to know how many flight miles between airports, something easily attained via free flight calculators.

Non-peak lead time for booking flights is 48 hours, and members can save up to 20% with stackable 5% discounts for booking in advance, flexing departure day, using hub airports, and making qualifying roundtrips. There is no additional charge for taxi time.

Earlier this year Airstream introduced an app that provides instant pricing, including earned discounts. It also added guaranteed WiFi for Gold members on midsize and up jets. Airstream remains one of a handful of jet cards offering a very light jet option.

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