Airstream Jets adds Scottsdale to Distance Card hub discounts

Scottsdale Airport flyers will now get 5% off flights arriving and departing from the Arizona-airport with Airstream’s fixed-rate jet card.

By Doug Gollan, November 2, 2023

Jet card broker Airstream Jets has added Scottsdale to its list of hub airports.

Last year, the Arizona airport ranked 8th busiest for private jet flights.

Members of its Distance Card receive a 5% discount on flights to or from hub airports.

There are currently over 20 hub airports.

That includes Palm Springs and Los Angeles Van Nuys in California, Denver Centennial in Colorado, Dupage and Chicago Executive in Illinois, as well as four airports in Texas.

Airstream’s Distance Card offers fixed rates based on mileage instead of flight time with guaranteed availability.




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