Airstream Jets lowers jet card rates (again)

Airstream Jets has cut prices for its mileage-based guaranteed jet card as flight costs continue to come down.

By Doug Gollan, February 1, 2024

Jet card broker Airstream Jets, which offers fixed rates based on flight mileage, has cut its prices as we start 2024.

Fixed rates, excluding the 7.5% Federal Excise Tax, dropped by $1 per mile across all cabin categories, except large cabin jets, which are down by $2.

VLJ rates for flights under $1,000 miles are now $18 per mile.

Light jet pricing for similar mileage is now $19 per mile, while midsize jets go to $22 and super-midsize at $25 per mile.

Longer flights get lower rates.

However, each category has minimum mileage charges and maximum mileage.

You must upgrade to a larger category if you exceed the maximum mileage.

Depending on the airport, there is an extensive roster of Caribbean and Mexico destinations for surcharges of 15%-to-$35%.

There are also stackable 5% discounts for booking in advance, using high-traffic airports, flexing departure dates, and qualifying roundtrips.

It’s the third cut since the beginning of 2023, reflecting the overall market.

Still, rates are higher than before the Covid surge when they ranged from $15 to $26 per mile.

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