FXAIR sees $4 billion market for on-demand private jet charter

private jet rental.

By Doug Gollan, August 16, 2020

65% of the upstart’s customers are new to private jet charter

During an interview on the Fox Business Channel, Andrew Collins, CEO of upstart FXAIR told the audience that two-thirds of its customers are new to the private jet charter market.

The on-demand private jet rental broker is part of Directional Aviation’s OneSky unit. The group encompasses Flexjet, Sentient Jet, and PrivateFly.

private jet rental
FXAIR CEO Andrew Collins says the on-demand private jet charter broker wants to consolidate the $4 billion U.S. market for on-demand private aviation.

The new brand launched on July 29 tapping into to company owned aircraft. The Challenger 300 and Global Express aircraft are exiting fractional ownership but will still be flown by Flexjet pilots.

“We believe the on-demand charter market in the United States is a three to four billion dollar opportunity,” Collins, who also oversees Sentient and PrivateFly, told host Dagen McDowell.

Positioned as premium on-demand charter, Collins said FXAIR comes to a market that “has traditionally been fragmented and inconsistent.”

Last year, XO, a broker owned by rival Vista Jet Holdings, implemented quality rankings. The tiers are designed to help customers compare what they are getting.

FXAIR plans to use technology, digital access via an app and desktop, personalized service, plus better aircraft to make its mark.

Private Jets vs. Airlines

Collins reiterated that OneSky moved up the launch of FXAIR, which replaces the PrivateFly brand in the U.S. He pointed to the influx of new customers. “Prior to COVID, we were seeing that number at 10 to 15 percent,” Collins said.

“The consumer is looking to avoid crowds…Private aviation is part of the future of travel,” the FAXAIR boss said. He noted traveling with the airlines creates over 700 possible transmission points for COVID-19. By contrast, it’s under 20 with private jet flights.


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