NetJets adds new jet cards for the frequent flyer

By Doug Gollan, September 3, 2020

The world’s largest private jet operator is adding a new twist to its Marquis Jet Card lineup combining elements of its Classic and Elite jet card products

It looks like NetJets has made another change to its jet card line-up. The latest is a new 100-hour jet card. Previously, its offerings were based on buying units of 25 or 50 hours.

The 2-Year 100-Hour Card is a mix of pricing and policies from its Elite and Classic offerings. NetJets brands its card program under the Marquis Jet label.

From what we’ve seen, the new 100-hour offering combines the policies of the Classic jet cards with the discounted pricing of its Elite jet cards.

That means a notice period of 10 hours on non-peak days and 120 hours on peak days. It also means no peak-day surcharges (Elite cards charge a 25% premium).

In a twist, there are only 10 peak days compared with 45 for Elite and 30 for Classic cards.

NetJets pricing

Pricing is generally aligned with its Elite cards, which cost about 15% less than NetJets’ Classic version. You can also split payments, so it’s not necessary to pay the full amount upfront. The 100-hour Phenom 300 card is priced at $6,759 per hour.

Like all NetJets cards, deicing, catering, guaranteed WiFi and pets are included.

The 100-card offering is apparently only available on its Phenom 300, Citation Excel/XLS, and Citation Sovereign aircraft. NetJets did not respond to our request for comments.

No daily or segment minimums

The Phenom 300 and Excel/XLS with the Citation Latitude were the subject of a recent change. NetJets eliminated the 60-minute daily or segment minimum on the three types making the Berkshire Hathaway-owned provider one of the best-priced solutions in the market for flights under 35 minutes. Think Naples, Florida to Key West or Westchester County to the Nantucket or the Hamptons.

Last year it added the Phenom 300 and Sovereign to its jet card offerings. The move gave it a true light jet in its card program. Previously, the midsize Excel/XLS was the entry point.

Since the beginning of the year, NetJets has added the Latitude, Challenger 350, and 650 for jet card purchases. They had only been available for leases or fractional ownership.

Since NetJets accounts for the sale at the time of purchase, it has said cards bought through the end of the year will enjoy the FET tax holiday through the life of the card, so a savings of 7.5% for flights in 2021 and beyond.

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