NetJets denies ending its jet card program

By Doug Gollan, October 6, 2021

NetJets says rumors that it will not bring back its jet card program are untrue

Competitors may be hoping NetJets is not bringing back its jet card program. However, president of sales, marketing & service Patrick Gallagher says rumors to that effect are untrue.

“We have no intentions of ending the NetJets Card program.  It will remain a part of our core product offering for the foreseeable future,” Gallagher tells Private Jet Card Comparisons.

Several subscribers reported rivals have been telling them NetJets is dropping its card program permanently.

“As soon as we are confident that we can continue to add demand to our fleet without impacting the high level of service that our NetJets’ share, lease, and card customers expect and deserve, we will begin to clear our jet card waitlist,” Gallagher says.

The waitlist, he says, is now over 1,000 people deep.

NetJets and aircraft management arm Executive Jet Management put jet card sales on hold in August.

Since then, Sentient Jet and Jet Linx have suspended taking new customers.

Earlier today, Air Partner announced it was creating a blackout for jet card fixed rates spanning over 30 days across the Thanksgiving and Festive holidays.

Before completely suspending its card program, NetJets had halted its Classic card offering which had a 10 hours’ non-peak call-out. The Elite product was 24 hours’ non-peak.

From August to September, the average non-peak call-out for the over 250 jet cards in the Private Jet Card Comparisons’ database jumped from 29 to 44 hours.

Record demand combined with a plethora of supply chain and labor shortage issues have created a challenging operating environment for jet card providers.

NetJets has only sold jet cards directly since 2010. It acquired Marquis Jet Partners from now Wheels Up founder Kenny Dichter. It continued to use the Marquis Jet branding for jet cards until April of this year.

During the summer, NetJets said it was adding over 100 new private jets through the end of next year.

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