Tradewind Aviation is adding two more Pilatus PC-12s and looking to expand

Connecticut-based Tradewind Aviation is continuing its steady growth adding two more Pilatus PC-12 turboprops.

Once delivered, it will have 22 of the popular single-engine turboprops.

It also has three Citation CJ3 light jets. It offers on-demand jet to prop seamless pricing to St. Barts from the U.S. mainland.

The operator offers an as-available jet card program with fixed rates. Current primary service areas are within 300 nautical miles of Westchester County Airport and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

However, founder and president Eric Zipkin tells Private Jet Card Comparisons the Part 135 operator is looking to expand its footprint both domestically and in the Caribbean.

So far the provider hasn’t increased rates in its Goodspeed membership offering.

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