Magellan Jets extends call-outs in mild changes

By Doug Gollan, October 27, 2021

Jet card broker Magellan Jets unveils some of the most minimal changes we’ve seen so far

Magellan Jets is the latest card program to reset terms.

The best news first.

Members will be pleased to know there are no blackout dates – nor restricted flying days.

Magellan Jets president Anthony Tivnan says that by proactively encouraging members to book early, so far, the company has avoided blackouts.

However, he cautions he can’t rule out that there will not be the capacity to fulfill more bookings at some point.

Several jet card sellers have imposed blackouts, caps on bookings and added more peak and high-demand days.

There also aren’t additional peak or high-demand days added. Magellan programs vary but have up to 40.

According to the company, there was a 210% increase in flight volume across all its programs last month. It also tallied a 152% increase in jet card and membership sales.

The changes to the terms are so far among the most milk toast – closer to XO’s early September revisions to Elite Access than any others.

Call-outs move to 72 hours non-peak and 10 days for high-demand dates for flights within the Continental U.S.

Previously it had been 8 hours – so a big jump, but hardly unexpected.

All international flights, including the Bahamas, Mexico, and destinations within 200 nautical miles of our service area, now require a seven days’ lead time for bookings.

Previously jet card flyers could use one-third of their hours on light jets at a 60-minute minimum, including taxi time.

That now bumps to 90 minutes.

Cancelations on high-demand days now require 10 days’ notice. There’s still no peak day surcharge for jet card and Premium membership customers.

To qualify for roundtrip discounts, flights will also require 10 days’ notice and use of the same aircraft for the entire trip. There will no longer be roundtrip discounts for flights outside the Continental U.S.

In September, Magellan added a new light jet card. There are also no rate increases at the moment.

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