OneFlight flies NFL great Elway, Shark Tank's Herjavec in new TV ads

By Doug Gollan, December 16, 2021

Jet card broker OneFlight International’s BAJit program is being promoted by NFL Hall of Famer John Elway and Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec in two new television spots

OneFlight International is making current industry issues with delays in recovery from mechanicals and ground transportation the focus of two new television spots.

The 30-and-60-second commercials are running on cable television and online. They focus on OneFlight’s jet card program which provides ground transportation, inflight meals, and recovery flights at no additional cost.

With record demand, private jet fractional, charter and jet card companies have been struggling. Supply chain issues have caused service letdowns. A survey of Private Jet Card Comparisons over the summer found 20% had service issues on recent flights.

Robert Herjavec

In the sport with Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec, another business executive is pictured standing on the tarmac. On his mobile phone, he tells a potential client, “My plane has mechanical problems. I’ll try to get there as soon as I can.”

It then cuts to Herjavec enjoying a hot breakfast aboard his charter flight. He then shows how he booked it via OneFlight’s BAJit jet card app.

Robert Herjavec Shark Tank

The other executive is now aboard a jet is shown with a paper cup of coffee and bag of pretzels.

Most jet cards and charter flights only include packaged snacks, while OneFlight offers full catering for jet card customers.

OneFlight jet card perks

Herjavec is next seen in a limo. He tells viewers, “Having a car planeside, with a local driver who knows the area helps keep me on schedule.” OneFlight’s jet card includes ground transportation.

The Shark Tank star is followed into his meeting, where his host asks, “With all the plane shortages, did you have trouble finding one?”

After it shows Herjavec signing a contract with his new customer, the other executive is shown arriving, and unable to find ground transportation at the FBO.

Herjavec is then shown passing his too late to get the deal competitor on the way out.

The spot closes with the Canadian entrepreneur. He tells listeners, “BAJit to your destination, and don’t miss out on the most important moments of your life.” He has been a spokesperson for OneFlight since 2019.

In the spot with John Elway, a father and son find themselves in a similar situation. The former Denver Broncos’ quarterback, who joined the OneFlight lineup earlier this year, is nearby and comes to the rescue.

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