Sentient Jet projects 2022 revenues of $460 million

By Doug Gollan, November 17, 2022

Directional’s Sentient Jet is heading into 2023, and its Flexjet, Inc. IPO expecting to finish this year with an 11.3% increase in revenues

Jet card inventor Sentient Jet expects to finish 2022 in record fashion with $460 million in revenues, an 11.3% boost from 2021.

According to a customer newsletter interview with President and CEO Andrew Collins, who is tabbed to be Co-CEO of publicly traded Flexjet, Inc., the jet card broker will fly 80,500 in 2022.

Earlier this month, Collins told Private Jet Card Comparisons after a challenging year, the unit of Directional’s OneSkyFlight had flown past the storm.

The smoother skies received a boost from investments in technology. 35% to 40% of flights will be booked digitally this year, compared with 15% before the pandemic.

The digital bookings include its text-to-book technology launched earlier this year.

The private jet company also sees the “work from anywhere” trend.

“Among business destinations such as Washington, D.C, Teterboro, and White Plains, as well as leisure destinations such as West Palm Beach, we’re seeing trip lengths increase by an average of one full day since pre-pandemic. This indicates that travelers are tacking on extra time and not rushing back to their office boardroom to take a meeting,” says Collins.

While many questioned the future of jet cards after several providers, including Sentient, halted sales in 2021, Collins is bullish.

“There was a time when owning a private jet ensured rock star status from the boardroom to the country club. Not anymore. With the wave of interest in jet cards over the past two years, Sentient Jet sees private aviation jet owners going asset-light to free themselves from the demands and costs of ownership while still enjoying all of the benefits of flying private,” he predicts.

He also told members he expects more flyers to judge their private aviation suppliers based on a commitment to sustainability.

“I believe the day is not far away when customers will demand to know how their flights affect the environment and the extent of their own carbon footprint,” he says.

Sentient Jet offset 291,630 metric tons of CO2 during the half-year mark in 2022, a 17% year-over-year increase.

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