Wheels Up announces another pilot development partnership

By Doug Gollan, November 17, 2022

Wheels Up is continuing to build its pilot pipeline through an alliance with MAG Aerospace

After announcing partnerships with Delta Air Lines and Propel College to build its pilot pipeline, Wheels Up is now adding a partnership with MAG Aerospace .  

MAG Aerospace, headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, is a leader in delivering Full-Spectrum Joint Domain Command and Control Services with premier engineering and operational solutions around the world.

MAG delivers all domain solutions through our technology innovation centers and a team of 1,200+ C5ISR professionals on six continents supporting mission partners. 

The pair have joined forces to create the Pathway Development Program.

This program allows current and former MAG military pilots to move to Wheels Up when considering transitioning to civilian life. 

The program also allows former MAG pilots who work for Wheels Up to take a leave of absence and tour with MAG.  

This provides each organization with a shared pipeline of highly qualified fliers and provides the pilots with career-long development opportunities. 

“MAG is a great company to work for with upward mobility, training, and a diversity of departments and programs,” said Mark Town, a pilot for MAG Aerospace and Wheels Up.

He continues, “The opportunity to use that experience to be a part of what Wheels Up is building in private aviation is exciting and a great career path for pilots looking for the next step in their careers.”   

“Wheels Up is committed to being the employer of choice in private aviation, and partnering with MAG Aerospace is another important way we’re helping pilots build lifelong, rewarding careers,” said Stevens Sainte-Rose, Chief People Officer at Wheels Up. 

He adds, “This talent pipeline is an attractive, accelerated pathway for pilots and allows us to continue to deliver a premium experience for our members by working with the best in the industry.”       

“MAG strives to provide veterans with the maximum opportunity to continue to make a difference,“ said Robert Heller, Executive Vice President of SEC at MAG. “The partnership with Wheels Up will allow pilots to bring the level of commitment and excellence they learned in service and further expand their strategic military skillset into meaningful civilian careers.” 

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