Volato is offering as-available New York Teterboro-Miami-Opa Locka for $12,000 one-way, plus taxes

Volato is in the news again. Today, the upstart HondaJet fractional operator expanded its fixed-price route program to include three East Coast routes.

The pricing as-available route pricing for the new East Coast fixed-cost flights are:

  • Miami (OPF) / Atlanta (PDK): $8,000 one-way
  • New York (TEB) / Atlanta (PDK): $10,000 one-way
  • New York (TEB) / Miami (OPF): $12,000 one-way (possible fuel stop)

Federal Excise Tax, segment taxes, ground transportation, and catering are not included.

This latest announcement from Volato comes on the heels of their recent order of 25 HondaJet aircraft.

The company now has over 40 HondaJets currently in operation or ordered and recently announced a fleet order of Gulfstream G280 aircraft configured for 10 passengers. 

Other extensions of Volato’s solutions include the Stretch Jet Card, Volato Aircraft Management Services, and charter services.

It also launched fixed-route pricing on the West Coast last month.

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