Sentient Jet releases 2023 member benefits guide

Jet card inventor Sentient Jet is offering cardmembers $184,000 in discounts and value-added benefits in this year’s Exclusive Benefits Guide.

By Doug Gollan, February 10, 2023

Jet card inventor Sentient Jet is offering cardmembers $184,000 in discounts and value-added benefits in this year’s Exclusive Benefits Guide

Directional Aviation’s Sentient Jet has released the 10th annual edition of its Exclusive Benefits Guide for Jet Card Owners.

The private jet flight provider says the catalog is “created with the understanding that a private flight is just one part of a client’s journey.”

Jet card members who take full advantage of all the offers can rack up around $184,000 in discounts and perks.

“Exceeding expectations has always been our priority, but so, too, has been rewarding the loyalty that jet card owners have for our services. Our new Exclusive Benefits Guide for 2023 reveals the thoughtfulness and dedication we put into both, with more than 40 partners, new and long-term alike, whose offerings and benefits add real value to the industry-leading private aviation experience we provide,” said Andrew Collins, President and CEO of Sentient Jet.

Broad range of partners

Benefits come from a broad range of partners.

Travel partners include Flexjet Helicopters, Exclusive Resorts, The Peninsula Hotels, The Eden Club, The Little Nell, Timbers Resorts, both Enterprise and National rent a car, and more.

There’s also free and discounted shipping of luggage. There are discounts on high-end luggage, apparel, eyewear, sound systems, and even perks with watchmaker Panerai.

Beyond travel and lifestyle, Sentient partnered with air ambulance operator Reva, which provides medical assistance via air ambulances and seaplanes.

Reva’s Arreva Advantage offers comprehensive medical and insurance benefits. There are also saving on air ambulance transport services and other medical assistance needs.

300% Carbon Offsets

Another benefit members get automatically is 300% offsetting of carbon emissions for every flight. The additional offsets account for non-CO2 emissions and are included in contracted hourly rates.

Many of the offers can be redeemed online via Sentient’s app, highlighting its investment in technology.

Last year it rolled out text-to-book. The integration allows customers to book and receive flight confirmations in seconds.

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