Jet card seller Magellan Jets is offering a first flight free for up to 3.5 hours and upgrades as part of a short-term promotion

Magellan Jets is rolling out a series of short-term jet card and membership promotions.

At the entry level, you get a $5,000 flight credit bonus if you join the Explorer100 membership program.

That program requires a $100,000 deposit.

For buying a 25-hour jet card, you get one free hour plus a one-cabin upgrade.

However, from there, it gets more interesting.

For buyers of 50, 75, or 100 hours, you get a first flight free of up to 3.5 hours.

The first flight is in the cabin category you buy.

If you take a longer flight, the 3.5 free hours are applied against to longer duration.

As is typical with first-flight free promotions, if you take a shorter flight, your free flight is deemed to have been used.

At 50 hours, you also get a one-cabin upgrade and a 14-month rate lock.

For 75 hours, you get three single cabin class upgrades and an 18-month rate lock.

At 100 hours, you get five upgrades and a 24-month rate lock.

For a large cabin jet, the first flight free represents a savings of around $50,000.

The offers are valid until March 5, 2023.

Magellan is continuing its offer of providing a 15% discount at joining if you wish to pre-purchase fuel surcharge.

The company also allows jet card customers to purchase deicing insurance.

It recently expanded with its own terminal in Boston with plans to enter into aircraft sales and management.

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