Start-up jet card broker Amalfi Jets is waiving its $500 monthly membership fee for the first six months

Broker Amalfi Jets is targeting customers impacted by program changes announced yesterday by Wheels Up.

A press release states, “Until June 10, 2023, new clients can take advantage of a six-month trial of the Amalfi Reserve Jet Card Membership for $2,500.”

Amalfi’s membership option is pay-as-you-go with guaranteed availability and fixed-hourly rates.

Under the offer, the month $500 monthly membership fee is waived for the first six months.

“Given some feedback from a few of our clients that also use WheelsUp, many are concerned about the funds in their WheelsUp account going forward and the financial stability of WheelsUp,” Samantha Cirelli, President of Marketing, tells Private Jet Card Comparisons.

“Given the consistent changes of other jet card products, our focus with this new membership offer is to open up our benefits and ultra-personalized service to those that have a current jet card or membership that has been affected by their company-induced changes,” adds Kolin Jones, CEO of Amalfi Jets.

Amalfi provides a meet-and-greet service on departure for all member flights.

The company was founded in 2020.

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