Airstream Jets offers up to $10,000 in jet card savings

Airstream Jets Distance Card Jet Card

Distance Card buyers can save up to $10,000 when they buy a jet card from Airstream Jets by the end of the month

Through December 31, 2022, Airstream Jets is offering up to 5% in savings on its Distance Card.

Airstream Jets set to raise jet card rates June 1st

Airstream Jets Distance Card Jet Card

Miles-based jet card broker Airstream Jets says it is raising its jet card rates beginning next month

Florida-based Airstream Jets will raise its mile-based jet card rates on June 1.

Airstream Jets sets end of year jet card sale

Airstream Jets

Jet card broker Airstream Jets is offering discounts, upgrades and rate locks for its Distance Card through the end of 2021

Despite record demand and supply challenges, jet card companies are still offering incentives for customers who buy before the end of the year.

Airstream Jets partners with Auberge Resorts

The boutique 5-star luxury resort group is partnering with the Florida-based jet card and on-demand private jet charter broker

Airstream Jets, which uses mileage, as opposed to minutes to price its Distance Card jet card, has partnered with Auberge Resorts.

Airstream clients get a $5,000 discount on a charter in conjunction with a booking at Auberge Resorts. Alternatively, you can get a $1,000 discount on a Distance Card purchase.

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