Airstream Jets set to raise jet card rates June 1st

By Doug Gollan, May 23, 2022

Miles-based jet card broker Airstream Jets says it is raising its jet card rates beginning next month

Florida-based Airstream Jets will raise its mile-based jet card rates on June 1.

Programs continue to hike rates as demand stays at record levels and fuel prices spike.

Distance Cards come in denominations of $25,000 or $100,000 and buyer’s lock-in rates for the duration of their funds.

Gold Card buyers get one free upgrade if they sign-up before June 1.

Unlike most jet cards which are based on hourly fixed rates, the Distance Card uses a mileage-based formula.

In addition to 5% roundtrip discounts, Airstream also features 5% discounts for booking at least 14 days in advance, flexibility to move your departure date by a day in either direction, and flights to and from key hub airports.

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