Air Partner provides a mid-year update

The U.K. publicly traded aviation provider says results have been “slightly stronger than anticipated”

Air Partner plc, said despite what it described as a challenging operating environment across the global aviation industry, “Air Partner’s first-half performance has been slightly stronger than expected.” The statement covered the six months ending July 31, 2019.

European jet card seller GlobeAir launches new branding, expands the fleet

Globe Air European jet card

The European jet card operator is expanding its fleet of Cessna Citation Mustang private jets

Austria-based GlobeAir AG has launched a new brand image. Additionally, it is adding four Cessna Citation Mustangs previously operated by Wijet expanding its fleet by 25%.

European very light jet operator GlobeAir AG which uses a fleet of owned Cessna Citation Mustangs to provide jet cards and sell on-demand charter is expanding its fleet and giving itself a new look.

Two of the four new additional aircraft, which were formerly operated by Wijet, will be operating by the summer, according to GlobeAir officials. Currently, there are no plans for more airplanes, meaning that when all are flying, the operator will have a fleet of 20.

Air Partner first-half results dip despite “strong” U.S. jet card sales

private jet charter broker

Air Partner Plc, the global aviation services group, today reported results for the six months to 31 July 2018


In what Air Partner CEO Mark Briffa described as a “solid first half performance” the publicly traded seller of aviation services, including on-demand charter and jet cards said it earned a gross profit of £18.0 million, six-tenths of a percent below the same period in 2017. Underlying profit before tax of £4.2m, was a year-on-year increase of 2.4% while statutory profit before tax of £2.6m was £1.1m lower than the previous year driven by the associated costs of the company’s accounting review concluded earlier this year. In August, the company had offered its latest update.

Exclusive: Air Charter Service launches capped rate jet card; plans five more U.S. offices

Air Charter Service

The new jet card combines dynamic pricing, capped one-way rates and the opportunity to customize its program to your specific needs


If you refuse to buy jet cards because you think you will be paying a higher rate than on-demand charter, the Empyrean Capped Rate Account from Air Charter Service could be worth a look. If you always buy jet cards because you want to lock in a fixed hourly one-way rate with guaranteed availability, but feel like you are paying more than you need for some trips, the Empyrean Capped Rate Account from Air Charter Service could be worth a look. If you would prefer the convenience of a jet card to gathering quotes from multiple brokers for each trip, the Empyrean Capped Rate Account from Air Charter Service could be worth a look. In other words, the Air Charter Service Empyrean Capped Rate Account is attempting to appeal to a very wide market of private aviation users, not necessarily an easy task. 

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