Sentient Jet Renews Lifestyle Partnership With PinnacleCare

By Doug Gollan, November 20, 2017

The jet card seller offers customers an extensive array of lifestyle partnerships valued at over $35,000


Directional Aviation’s Sentient Jet (sister to Flexjet and Skyjet) announced it has extended its relationship with PinnacleCare, a private health advisory firm that guides clients through complex healthcare challenges and facilitates access to the country’s top doctors and hospitals. The partnership, which launched in January 2017, provides Sentient Jet Cardholders with access to medical evacuation and expert healthcare advisory services whether at home or abroad. 


“At Sentient Jet, we recognize that traveling can be stressful, especially for travelers with existing or potential health concerns,” said Andrew Collins, CEO and President of Sentient Jet. “We are thrilled to offer a thoughtful travel solution with PinnacleCare so that travelers can fly with comfort, ease, and peace of mind.”


The PinnacleCare partnership provides Sentient Jet clients with 25% off the setup fee on all Comprehensive PinnacleCare Memberships, which is equivalent to a savings of between $900 and $1,500. Offering concierge-level management of all aspects of medical and health-related needs, each level of membership offers expert guidance in navigating the healthcare system and coordination of each step along the way, wherever cardholders are based in the world. Services include objective referrals to top doctors, facilities, and hospitals and expedited access to the nation’s Centers of Excellence. In addition, the partnership also provides Sentient Jet Cardholders access to the advisory’s Global Connect Membership, a risk- management policy offering medical evacuation coverage, international hospital insurance and 24/7 access to PinnacleCare membership benefits anywhere in the world.


PinnacleCare supports clients when they need it the most by guiding members to unbiased and personalized healthcare services that facilitate timely access to the most appropriate medical resources and treatments. For those facing a complex medical diagnosis or struggling with chronic illness, PinnacleCare helps to alleviate the stress of the situation through professional personalized guidance and health management solutions.


“We want to make it easier for Sentient Jet Cardholders who are facing serious medical issues,” said James Mead, CEO of PinnacleCare. “Our message to them is, ‘We are here to help you and your family return to good health so you can continue traveling and exploring the world without medical needs limiting your travel and lifestyle.’ Our partnership makes this goal a reality.”


Sentient Jet is a leader among jet card sellers in providing lifestyle benefits. A Private Jet Card Comparisons review of the special offers for Sentient members found over $35,000 in value from free hotel stays, discounted jewelry, luxury goods and fashion. Offering customers VIP access and perks beyond just private flying has become a differentiator between programs. For example, XOJET recently added Pinehurst and Canyon Ranch to its roster of partners. Wheels Up promises $25,000 in goodies including access to homes managed by vacation club Inspirato and top-tier status with Hertz. Sentient partners include Italian fashion house Brioni and watchmaking legend Richard Mille as well as Peninsula Hotels in New York and Chicago as examples.


What are the price and hourly rate for a Sentient Jet card?


Last month Sentient rolled out its first guaranteed WiFi jet card. Entry level program for the company is its 25-hour Light Jet Select card priced at $127,325. Excluding FET, the hourly rate is $4,738.

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