Airstream Jets Discounts Gold and Silver Distance Cards

Florida-based Airstream Jets calculates Jet Card flight charges by the mile instead of the hour.

By Doug Gollan, February 4, 2018

The Florida-based Jet Card seller calculates flight charges by the mile instead of the hour


Airstream Jets, which sells Jet Cards charging by the mile, instead of the hour, is offering $750 off Silver Distance Card and $4,000 off a Gold Distance Card through February 14, 2018. The savings represent a 4% discount from the regular buy-in prices of $25,000 and $100,000 respectively. 


Among the features Airstream touts is fixed one-way rates, guaranteed mileage rates to over 250 International Destinations, guaranteed availability in as little as 48 hours, an escrow account option, free aircraft category upgrades, no overnight fees, no fuel surcharges, no black-out dates, no positioning or re-positioning fees, no asset to purchase, no rate adjustments, no membership or management fees, and no expiration date.

How much does Airstream Jets cost?

To calculate your cost, just multiply the distance of your flight by the dollar amount per mile of the type of aircraft you want to fly on. The 7.5% FET is collected additionally when you buy the Distance Card.


Its tiered pricing model means the farther you fly, you enjoy lower rates. Discounts include 5% off for early booking, same-day round trips, and travel between Distance Card hubs.


The Distance Card is a broker program and pricing varies by private jet category size per below:


Small Jets:


Citation CJ1/+

Citation M2

Citation Mustang Lear 31/A

Phenom 100


Light Jets:


Citation CJ2/+

Citation CJ3

Citation CJ4

Citation V/Ultra

Citation Encore

Hawker 400/XP

Lear 40/XR

Phenom 300

Premier 1/A


Mid-Size Jets:


Citation XLS/Excel

Citation 650

Gulfstream G100

Gulfstream G150

Hawker 800/XP

Lear 45/XR

Lear 60/XR

Lear 75


Super-Mid Jets:


Challenger 300/350

Citation Sovereign/+

Citation X

Citation Latitude

Falcon 50/EX

Gulfstream G200

Gulfstream G280

Hawker 4000

Legacy 450


Heavy Jets:


Challenger 604/605

Falcon 2000/EX

Falcon 900/EX

Falcon 7X

Gulfstream G450/IV

Legacy 600/650


Funds are non-refundable but never expire. De-icing is included and taxi time is included in your rate calculated by the mile. There are 37 peak days that carry a 20% surcharge. WiFi can be guaranteed as an add-on. The minimum age for unaccompanied minors is 14. The company was founded in 2008 by aviation scion Peter Maestrales seeking an easier way for consumers to figure out how much the private flying would cost. Over half of Airstream’s sales are now for its Distance Card, in addition to on-demand charter.

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