JetSuite is bringing its Phenom 100s and lower prices to the East Coast for the summer

By Doug Gollan, June 7, 2018

The Embraer Phenom 100 provides a short-flight solution for up to four passengers who don’t want turboprops and want to fly aboard a cost-effective, modern, state-of-the-art private jet


JetSuite’s SuiteKey members can look forward to more favorable pricing this summer along the East Coast as the now Dallas-based jet card seller and private jet charter operator will be bringing at least several of its Embraer Phenom 100s to the East Coast. The very light jets, which seat up to four passengers, will be on the eastern seaboard beginning the week of June 10 and will stay there through Labor Day in September, the company tells Private Jet Card Comparisons. JetSuite has been in the news quite a bit recently, gaining a significant investment from JetBlue and Qatar Airways, and announcing it is the launch customer of Zunum Aero’s hybrid-to-electric aircraft coming in 2022. 


JetSuite Jet Card Pricing 


The SuiteKey jet card program provides fixed one-way rates, but the private jet cost is priced on a market-by-market basis. Alex Wilcox, JetSuite’s CEO has previously told us by doing market-by-market pricing instead of a blanket domestic rate like many programs, it enables JetSuite to offer lower rates in regions where its aircraft are operating as there are fewer and shorter ferry flights. Previously, it meant the price of the Phenom 100 from JetSuite for routes in the east were sometimes higher than the larger seven-seat Phenom 300s. Even though it operates a floating fleet, which means the aircraft don’t leave and return from a home base between missions, getting an airplane to one customer after ending a trip with another can be expensive. Having the Phenom 100s floating in the northeast dramatically cuts those costs, hence you will be looking at an hourly rate of $4,995 not including 7.5% Federal Excise Tax (FET). JetSuite doesn’t have fuel surcharges and while its 60-minute daily and segment minimum is fairly standard for a light jet, it doesn’t charge the typical 12 minutes of taxi time per segment – a savings of about $1,000 per segment.

JetSuite Phenom SuiteKey hourly jet card rate

Wilcox expects to see an increase in flying from and to places such as Teterboro, White Plains, East Hampton, Martha’s Vineyard, Newport, Washington D.C., Philadelphia and Boston. The Phenom 100 operates with two pilots and seats up to four passengers, so it is good for two couples and particularly if you are traveling as a single or with up to three friends or family members. The estimated range of the Phenom 100 with two passengers and no headwinds is about 1,300 miles, however, it’s true fit is for flights in the range of 750 miles or less. The Phenom 100 provides a cost-effective solution for those of you who eschew turboprops and don’t want to find yourself on a 30-year old Learjet. The Phenom 100 was launched in 2007.

Embraer Phenom 100 toilet

Another nice feature of the Phenom 100 is it has a full toilet in a separate rear cabin divided by a curtain, something that’s not a given when you are chartering very light jets. For example, neither the Citation Mustang nor Eclipse 500s have a toilet, while Learjet 31s and 35s often have just a curtained seat in the passenger compartment.


SuiteKey is also a good program to send the kids to camp or for sending your pets between locations. JetSuite’s minimum age for unaccompanied minors is 12, the company accepts pets without extra charge, and the entry level for SuiteKey is just $50,000, three reasons Private Jet Card Comparisons recently selected JetSuite as one of our “Best Jet Cards For Summer Travel.” SuiteKey doesn’t provide guaranteed availability, but non-members can only book-on-demand charter flights within 90 days of departure giving members first dibs. Even without guaranteed availability, the company says providing aircraft for members hasn’t been an issue. To compare Jet Suite’s programs with over 250 jet card membership programs from 39 providers, you can become a paid subscriber of Private Jet Card Comparisons for only $250 here.



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