Airstream Jets launches 5% Flex Discount for customers who can shift departure

By Doug Gollan, November 14, 2018

The jet card broker already offers discounts for roundtrips, hub flights and booking charter flights in advance


Florida-based Airstream Jets which uses a mileage-based model instead of hours for charging clients has added a new Flex Option Discount for its jet card members. Cardholders with flexible travel dates plus or minus one day who select the option will receive a 5% discount on any one-way trip. A seven day lead time is required. Final travel date will be determined no later than 48 hours prior to scheduled departure.


Additionally, for its Early Booking Discount Airstream has removed the 30 days lead time requirement for trips on its 37 peak travel days. It will now be just the standard 14-day notice to receive the discount no matter if the trip is on peak or non-peak day.


Airstream has also made a number of changes in terms of aircraft models it uses. “We have dropped the Lear 31 model from the program. The Lear 31 has a great history and is a very fast corporate jet, however, we want to ensure our customers are flying on later model jets only,” its CEO Peter Maestrales told Private Jet Card Comparisons. Additionally, the Cessna CJ2/+ model moving down from the light jet category to a small jet. Its also moving the Learjet 45/XR and Learjet 75 models from its midsize category down to light jet. Maestrales said, “These two models are actually the same jet. Bombardier just tweaked the 45 and changed the name. The fuselage is exactly the same for both. The reason it is getting bumped down a level is because of the cabin height. When our clients select our midsize jet category for a trip we can now ensure they have a true stand-up cabin.”


All changes apply to both current and new members. The company recently added cities to its hub discounts. Airstream sells its jet cards at either a $25,000 or $100,000 deposit plus the 7.5% Federal Excise Tax. You can read our Jet Card Decider analysis of the Airstream jet card program here and compare Airstream’s jet card programs with over 250 programs by becoming a paid subscriber.

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