Sentient Jet sets Bahamas relief effort

By Doug Gollan, September 14, 2019

Jet card broker Sentient Jet is donating $1,000 for every Sentient cardholder trip to the Bahamas through Nov. 1

In an effort to remind its jet card customers the Bahamas is open for business, Directional Aviation’s Sentient Jet announced it is donating $1,000 to hurricane relief for every cardholder trip to the country through Nov. 1, 2019.

In an email its cardholders, the company wrote, “Sentient Jet is committed to providing support and relief to those affected by Hurricane Dorian and invite you to join the extensive relief effort.”

Sentient Jet is donating $1,000 for every trip to the Bahamas by cardholders through Nov. 1, 2019.

Sentient told its private fliers, “Though several areas of the Bahamas are still being rebuilt, the best way to support the islands is easy: visit. Many areas of the Bahamas remain unaffected, including Nassau—all of which rely on travel (it’s estimated 60 percent of the country’s revenue is anchored in tourism) for their livelihood.”

It continued, “After donating to the Bahamas Red Cross, Sentient has quickly become aware that in addition to financial support, visitors are equally important. With 30 islands stretching from Florida to almost Cuba, the southernmost islands are in great shape, including Harbour Island and Exuma, where it’s business as usual.”

You can read more about Sentient’s jet card program here. Last year, readers of Business Jet Traveler rated Sentient top program for customer satisfaction. The company has a strong philanthropic bent. It is an ongoing supporter of Homes For Our Troops.

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