AirStream Jets steps up to help the Bahamas

By Doug Gollan, September 18, 2019

Jet card broker AirStream Jets is waiving its 20% international surcharge for travel to the Bahamas through the end of 2019

The best way to help the Bahamas recover is to take a vacation in the Bahamas. It may sound odd, but 60% of the country’s GPD comes through tourism, and since 90% of its upscale hotel rooms remain open, unaffected by the wrath of Dorian, falling arrivals create a second economic crisis.

Beyond the hotels, their supply chains include numerous local businesses, and then there are retail shops, boutiques, restaurants, bars, taxi services, and the companies that support those businesses.

Jet card broker AirStream Jets is the latest private aviation company to help by getting the word out that there has never been a better time to visit those resorts that are open. And beyond having a great getaway, your visit supports the local economy.

In addition to promoting travel to the Bahamas via its website and communications with customers, AirStream Jets is waving its 20% international premium for jet card members through the end of the year, so for a $50,000 charter, a savings of $10,000 as an example.

“We waived our international premium for all Bahamas trips for the rest of the year,” Airstream CEO Peter Maestrales tells Private Jet Card Comparisons.

In an email, AirStream is told customers and prospects, “A short-break vacation is a great way to help in the recovery effort.” It continues, “If you have been wondering how to help, travel to one of many Bahamian islands is a good idea.”

Maestrales says, “Let’s help the Bahamas together.”

Airstream waives 20% surcharge for the Bahamas flights

Eligible airports where hotels and resorts are open and not impacted by Hurricane Dorian include:

Andros Island…MYAF…Andros Town

Andros Island…MYAK…Congo Town

Andros Island…MYAN…San Andros

Berry Islands…MYBC…Chub Cay

Berry Islands…MYBG…Great Harbour Cay

Bimini Islands…MYBS…South Bimini

Cat Island…MYCB…New Bight

Eleuthera Isl…MYEM …Governor’s Harbour

Eleuthera Isl…MYEH…North Eleuthera

Eleuthera Isl…MYER…Rock Sound

Exuma Islands…MYEF…Exuma Intl

Great Inagua Is…MYIG…Matthew Town


Nassau…MYNN…L Pindling Intl

San Salvador Is…MYSM…San Salvador Intl

Airstream’s Distance Card uses a mileage-based formula instead of flight time. Its jet cards are priced at $25,000 and $100,000 excluding 7.5% Federal Excise Tax. In addition to large cabin, super-midsize, midsize and light jets, Airstream is one of only a handful of jet card providers to offer fixed-rate, guaranteed availability pricing for very light jets.

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