Jettly relaunches its apps

By Doug Gollan, October 2, 2019

Jet card charter broker Jettly offers dynamic pricing membership programs ranging from $370 to $997 per month

Online private jet charter broker Jettly said has completed a total overhaul of its app across both Android and iOS. In a press release, it called the move “a brand new step forward for the company. The company offers four options for users:  Free, Personal, Business, and Jet Card.

In the release, the company said, “Before Jettly, on-demand private jet charter arrangements felt like a used car transaction where the customer never knew how much the broker was making. Jettly’s current model facilitates a transparent fixed 10% markup that is inherently low by nature, eliminating the need to shop the on-demand charter market.”

It added, “With over 23,000 customers worldwide the model has proven itself to be highly attractive.”

Jettly offers four private jet charter membership options.

According to Jettly, “What this new app, however, the game has changed…A customer can book a flight that can be boarded in as little as 30 minutes provided the aircraft and pilot are available with the full support of a 24-hour flight success team.”

Private jet membership options

While the free registration allows a user to submit any number of air charter flight requests through the application information like the operator’s name, contact information, logo, and aircraft registration numbers are not displayed with the quotes.

Personal membership is $370 per month allows one standard or empty leg booking per month. A booking can range from a one-way flight to a multi-leg itinerary. You also get a personal flight coordinator, a $20 catering credit, and build Jet Miles.

Jet Miles accrues at a rate of $10 in-flight credits per 1,000 miles flown. You can redeem these flight credits towards your monthly or annual membership cost or use them on products and services offered by Jettly retail partners.

The Business membership level runs $670 per month, allows three bookings per month, and includes a $30 per month catering credit via Jettly Eats plus free Uber Black rides to and from selected airports.

At $997 per month, Jettly’s Jet Card allows unlimited bookings and caps your cost a wholesale pricing plus 5%. You also get a $50 per month catering credit. There are no initiation fees and members can cancel anytime, according to the company.

Earlier this year the Canadian charter broker opened a New York City office.

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