Who's offering buy now, fly FET-free jet card discounts for 2021 and beyond

By Doug Gollan, October 13, 2020

Here’s an updated listed of the jet card sellers that are offering future tax savings if you buy a jet card before the end of the year

Well, more and more private jet card sellers are concluding that if you buy a jet card before the end of the year, your funds will fly you tax-free in 2021 and beyond – either until your card or the funds expire.

Since some programs never expire funds, conceivably you could deposit, well, whatever you want.

There are some good reasons not to overbuy, and I won’t repeat everything about the CARES Act and why this is happening again. You can read in detail here.

I’m also keeping this page updated.

However, so the offers are top of your inbox, here is the latest list from what I’ve been seen and told:

One bit of advice. You can easily spend more than 7.5% in FET savings by choosing a program where the rules aren’t a good match for your flying, for example, daily minimums, long-flight discounts, peak day surcharges, service areas, and so forth. In other words, don’t forget to subscribe and know before you buy it.


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