PrivateFly adds long-haul fixed hourly rates from the U.K., Moscow

By Doug Gollan, December 2, 2021

Directional Aviation’s PrivateFly is replacing its City Pairs with fixed-hourly rates for flights from the U.K. to the U.S., Caribbean, and the Middle East

PrivateFly, part of Directional Aviation, including Flexjet, Sentient Jet, and helicopter operator Halo, is setting new fixed pricing.

The U.K.-based charter broker is adding fixed-hourly rates for long-haul flights to benefit members of its Aviator jet membership program. The jet dynamic pricing jet card launched in August.

“Our new Extended Range pricing adds to the considerable benefits available to our Aviator members and will provide enhanced booking confidence to the many who are now planning intercontinental trips in the coming months, including long-awaited travel to the U.S. or winter holidays to Dubai or the Caribbean,” said Marine Eugène, European Managing Director of PrivateFly and Flexjet.

She added, “It provides the reassurance of being able to avoid the uncertainty of open market quotes, which can vary widely in the current market conditions.”

PrivateFly Extended Range fixed-rate private jet pricing

The new fixed-rates apply to:

  • Any route between the UK & the USA – including London to New York, Boston, or Los Angeles (€13,500 per hour in an Ultra Long Range Jet)
  • All routes between the UK & the Caribbean – including London to Barbados, or London to Antigua (€13,500 per hour in an Ultra Long Range Jet)
  • Any route between the UK & the Middle East – including London to Dubai, or London to Riyadh (€11,700 per hour in a Heavy Jet or €13,500 per hour in an Ultra Long Range Jet)
  • All route between The Middle East & Moscow (€11,700 per hour in a Heavy Jet or €13,500 per hour in an Ultra Long Range Jet)

For any fixed-price flight, a cancellation charge of 10% applies after booking. A minimum of seven days notice is required, and all aircraft are subject to availability.

All of the flights are 300% carbon offset.

Heavy Jets seat up to 12 passengers. Ultra Long Range Jets can carry up to 18, depending on the route.

Ultra Long Range models include the Gulfstream G650, Global 5000/6000, and Falcon 7X/8X. Heavy Jets include the Challenger 600, Legacy 600/650, and Falcon 900.

Aviator membership

The new menu of Extended Range rates is exclusively available to PrivateFly’s Aviator members.

The membership is based on funds held on account and an annual membership fee of €10,000.

In addition to the new fixed-rate menu for longer flights, benefits include enhanced cancellation terms; ‘fly further’ flight credits of up to 2% of funds deposited; premium catering and inclusive deicing; and a London airport helicopter transfer each year.

PrivateFly also offers jet cards with fixed-hourly rates by cabin category within Europe. It previously had offered City Pairs fixed pricing. Under that program, there was a fixed flat rate between specific destinations.

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