Pilatus PC-12 start-up Climb puts comeback on hold

By Doug Gollan, August 14, 2022

Despite support from airline guru David Neeleman, Utah-based Climb says it no longer plans to restart operations

Climb, which launched last year touting its connections to airline start-up guru David Neeleman, now says it has no plans to restart operations.

The brainchild of private aviation veteran Brandon Solomon announced plans to take flight last summer.

It was operating briefly as a membership program based on the Pilatus PC-12, but quickly suspended operations this Spring.

Solomon says, members were refunded for the unused part of their subscriptions.

At the time, he said he planned to restart with a revamped business plan by the summer.

However, a placeholder on the website that proclaimed, “We’ll be right back” is now gone.

Solomon tells Private Jet Card Comparisons, “At this time, there are no plans to restart operations at Climb.”

He cited market conditions, lack of aircraft, and rising fuel costs.

Neeleman, who was an advisor to Climb, has a stellar record as the founder of JetBlue, Morris Air, Azul, and now Breeze.

He is also credited with turning around Avianca and TAP Air Portugal.

However, his forays into private aviation have been less successful so far.

He was an early backer of JetSuite, which after he left ended up grounding its fleet and filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Breeze, Neeleman’s newest venture and where Solomon worked before starting Climb, has expanded to nearly to dozen cities.

Neeleman is far from the only airline executive with limited success in private aviation.

United Airlines, Lufthansa Group, British Airways, Air France, and Delta Air Lines have all folded their tent in attempts to expand into the world of private jets.

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