The as-available jet card on Volato’s growing HondaJet fleet is targeted at flyers who are flexible for departure times and airports

Start-up fractional operator Volato is expanding its as-available HondaJet jet card program.

The company launched its Stretch Card in August.

The membership program starts at $55,000, and deposits are refundable.

It is as-available and provides flight credits if you accept changes to departure times and even nearby airports that improve the efficiency of its operations.

In the latest program changes from Wheels Up, it extended the flex times it allows itself to shift departures for lower-tier members.

“The leisure traveler category is growing, and our initial jet card holders have responded extremely well to the high level of customer experience our luxury HondaJet program provides,” says Brent Elum, VP of Customer Engagement & Service Design.

The Stretch Card provides credits of six to 30 minutes when members accept an alternative departure time or airport.

While the program charges for repositioning legs, members get 30 minutes in flight credits for every 60 minutes of repositioning charged.

In a press release, Elum called the program a “win-win.”

Volato expects to sell the new cards before end-of-the-year.

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