Flexjet rolls out the red carpet at The Masters

Fractional private jet provider Flexjet is bringing its private terminal concept to Augusta, giving owners a VIP experience.

By Doug Gollan, April 6, 2023

Fractional private jet provider Flexjet is bringing its private terminal concept to Augusta, giving owners a VIP experience

Flexjet will provide its shareowners a VIP experience via its pop-up private terminal next to the Augusta Regional Airport FBO during The Masters, which runs today through Sunday at the Augusta National Golf Club.

“The Masters has always been our busiest event-driven generator of travel, exceeding even the Super Bowl and the Kentucky Derby. Many of our aircraft owners play golf and have a deep connection to the sport, and nothing else lends itself to both corporate entertaining and leisure travel. With Augusta a three-hour drive from the nearest major commercial airline hub, private jets are an efficient way to travel to the tournament,” says D.J. Hanlon, Flexjet’s Executive Vice President of Sales.

He adds, “We will provide a deeply personalized experience reflecting southern hospitality, so they have seamless and luxurious travel from home to Augusta National and back again.”

Flexjet is customizing an entire building near the fixed base operator at Augusta Regional Airport to replicate the Flexjet Private Terminals located at strategic locations throughout the U.S.

All Flexjet aircraft will be parked immediately outside this building.

The company is the second-biggest private jet operator based on charter and fractional hours.

Flexjet Helicopters

A Showcase of the Flexjet Praetor 600 aircraft and a Sikorsky S-76 helicopter, the flagship of Flexjet’s new private helicopter division, will be on display at the airport.

Flexjet Owners are using the helicopters for last-mile travel from airports to their final destinations and for regional travel to sports, entertainment, and other venues.

The Augusta Flexjet private terminal will provide customers with a lounge in which to relax before and after their flights.

Vintages from Hamel Family Wines, a family-owned organic winery in Sonoma, and a Flexjet partner, along with other refreshments, will be available.

A variety of Flexjet-customized gifts and keepsakes will be available, including golf totes, golf balls, branded golf club sleeves, hats, and sunglasses.

A full complement of Flexjet team members will be on site to manage any need that arises, from operations to maintenance to owner services.

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