Amalfi Jets drops another Wheels Up customer offer

Jet card broker Amalfi Jets is offering its second promotion targeting Wheels Up flyers in just over a week.

By Doug Gollan, May 18, 2023

Jet card broker Amalfi Jets is offering its second promotion targeting Wheels Up flyers in just over a week

Boutique jet card broker Amalfi Jets is dropping another offer targeting Wheels Up customers.

It is one of several jet card providers that are specifically offering deals to Wheels Up members.

Until June 31, 2023, Wheels Up Members can get a three-month Amalfi Reserve Membership trial upon proof of their current Wheels Up membership.

“As our team looked at the Wheels Up induced changes to their current membership, we felt offering current Wheels Up members a more flexible, global, and economically favorable product was necessary,” said Kolin Jones, CEO of Amalfi Jets.

He added, “I am confident that current Wheels Up members will appreciate the flexibility and ultra-personalized approach on every flight that Amalfi Jets continues to uphold.”

Amalfi’s program includes a black car for departure and arrival, plus premium catering.

It also offers lifestyle benefits at various luxury resorts, including The Ritz Carlton Waikiki, Hotel Le Toiny St Barths, and the Marquis Los Cabos.

The Amalfi Reserve Jet Card Membership requires a $2,500 initiation fee and a $500 monthly fee.

This three-month offer has a value of $4,000.

According to the release, the first 10 customers will receive $2,500 of flight credits.

Like Wheels Up, Amalfi hourly rates are capped, and there is guaranteed availability.

The release adds, “The company’s sourcing team is always looking for the best deal for our clients and will pass savings directly on to the client. Therefore, if a flight option becomes available under published jet card rates, the company will give the Member the option to pay less than jet card rates and take advantage of these savings.”

Of course, every rose has its thorns.

However, regarding flexibility, all one-way bookings on Amalfi’s programs have a 100% cancelation penalty, and there are 90 peak days.

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