Sentient Jet debuts new website; Forecasts $300 million in 2018 jet card sales

The jet card seller says it just had its best quarter in over 10 years in both revenues and hours flown.

By Doug Gollan, April 30, 2018

The jet card seller says it just had its best quarter in over 10 years in both revenues and hours flown


Directional Aviation’s Sentient Jet has launched a new website featuring operational and visual enhancements to improve the customer experience the company said in a press release. In the announcement, Sentient (other Directional companies include Flexjet and Skyjet) said the website launch follows several technological milestones for the company, including the launch of a new mobile application in 2016. On the business side, the company said it is forecasting nearly $300 million in jet card sales in 2018 and just recorded its most successful quarter in terms of both sales and flying volume in over 10 years. 


“Sentient Jet has been a leading force in the private aviation industry ever since we launched the Jet Card model nearly twenty years ago, and we are proud to continue our role as an industry pioneer through constantly improving our digital platforms and proficiencies,” said Andrew Collins, president and CEO of Sentient Jet. “From developing a multi-platform consumer application and making significant improvements to our digital infrastructure and interactive collateral to building out a unique operator workflow tool, our desire to digitally transform our business in order to add value to the customer experience informs every decision we make.”

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As part of the new website, Sentient has launched Atmosphere, a lifestyle content hub featuring articles and insights from industry insiders and trusted Sentient Jet partners. The section will “explore themes that resonate with the typical Cardholder, from guides to a major city’s art scene to a VIP’s behind-the-scenes look at a popular sporting event, like the Kentucky Derby.”

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Inaugural stories to be featured include a guide to New York City’s Spring Art Scene by Sotheby’s Chairman Lisa Dennison, wherein she reveals emerging artists to watch, the season’s can’t-miss exhibitions and installations, and insight into her own personal dream collection. Additional posts to debut in the coming weeks include articles on the top eight Spring travel destinations for Sentient Jet Cardholders, highlighting the best places to stay, shop, and spa while in the featured locales, among others.

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The company said its new website “features a sleek, modern design and a clear, easy-to-navigate display. Whether browsing on a mobile device or desktop, visitors will appreciate increased responsiveness and compatibility. Bolstered by an enhanced live chat function, coming soon, the advanced platform affords both current and prospective clients with access to an integrative, unparalleled luxury lifestyle experience.”

In reviewing the site, Sentient deserves credit for the depth of program information and pricing it provides for users (Yes, NetJets, we’re talking about you!). We know jet card companies love to capture your information before disclosing prices as brokers use it for competitive purposes, but jet cards are not about just getting the lowest price every trip. They are about saving your valuable time for trip planning, convenience, safety standards, service recovery and the ability to better budget your private travel. It’s also important to remember while on-demand charter can beat jet card programs, it varies, and it’s often apples to oranges with on-demand charters having much more restrictive cancelation penalties, especially during peak periods.


How much does a Jet Card cost?


Sentient Jet offers its 25-Hour Jet Card in four jet-size options, allowing clients to purchase flight time on Light, Mid, Super-Mid, and Heavy aircraft as well as in two age classes (Preferred and Select), starting at just $131,800. The company recently announced the SJ25+ Jet Card, which starts at $224,275 and offers Cardholders guaranteed access to the most popular and luxurious Super-Mid Size Jets, all of which are Wi-Fi enabled. Sentient Jet Cardholders receive a one-year lock on hourly rates, with 15% discounts on hourly pricing for qualifying round-trip travel. Through Sentient Jet’s recently launched mobile app, Sentient Jet Cardholders can now also book private jet travel on-demand, as well as receive flight details, immediate assistance through a 24/7 live chat feature, and localized recommendations for exclusive benefits. According to an analysis by Private Jet Card Comparisons Sentient’s lifestyle benefits for members has a value of over $125,000.


You can read our Jet Card Insider review of Sentient Jet programs here. Paid subscribers of Private Jet Card Comparisons can compare Sentient programs to over 250 jet card programs by more than 65 variables, all in easy-to-use spreadsheet format.

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