Jet Edge targets NetJets, Flexjet with VNY billboards

Jet Edge targets NetJets, Flexjet with VNY billboards @flyJetEdge #VNY #privatejet.

By Doug Gollan, December 21, 2021

KKR-backed Jet Edge is targeting fractional operators NetJets and Flexjet promoting discounted flat-rates from Los Angeles to the East Coast and Hawaii

After expanding its capped and fixed-rate programs aboard its growing fleet of Challenger and Gulfstream stand-up cabin jets, Jet Edge is using out-of-home advertising to target key competitors.

Last week, Jet Edge posted a large two-sided billboard at the corner of Sherman Way and Valjean Avenue.

The location can be seen by NetJets and Flexjet customers arriving and departing from Van Nuys Airport, the fourth busiest private jet airport in 2020.

Jet Edge pricing

On one side, the message reads, “Fly coast-to-coast on our Gulfstreams for $39.9K.” The other view offers “California to Hawaii on our Gulfstreams from $54.9K.”

Jonah Adler, the Chief Commercial Officer of Jet Edge, tells Private Jet Card Comparisons the initiative is designed to promote its fixed-rate pricing. Hawaii and other markets were added last week.

Since launching its Reserve membership program earlier this year, Jet Edge has positioned its large and super mid-fleet of Challengers and Gulfstreams as an alternative to fractional shares.

Adler declined to say if there are plans to add more billboards. Under the expanded service area for discounts, destinations like Aspen, Las Vegas, and Scottsdale are now eligible for cheaper pricing.

The executive declined to say how long the billboards will run or how much the company is investing. However, it may be a follow-up to a campaign launched earlier this Fall.

That buy featured websites and major media, including The Wall Street Journal and Forbes. It also promoted transcontinental pricing. It was tabbed as a “multi-million dollar” investment.

Private jet fare wars?

Jet Edge isn’t alone in offering discounted flights for transcontinental routes.

Both Wheels Up and XO have super mid discounts for program members, although both are limited to super mids. In the case of XO, the cheap New York-Los Angeles flights are on its Citation X fleet.

Directional Aviation’s FXAIR and Sentient Jet had offered similar discounts but discontinued them over the summer.

Several other providers also offer discounted rates coast-to-coast, where members save 30-to-50% over published hourly rates.

The Jet Edge discounts require a 120 hours’ call-out and are on an as-available basis.

Adler declined to say if Jet Edge is considering adding guaranteed availability. It recently said it has taken over $100 million in jet card deposits since launching Reserve. However, Adler says availability currently isn’t an issue based on fleet expansion.

Earlier this year, Jet Edge revealed backing from KKR via an equity investment and line of credit. It is in the process of adding over 30 jets to its fleet.

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