OneFlight launches Apple, Android BAJit app for on-demand charter bookings

Jet card broker OneFlight International has added a BAJit app that offers confirmed pricing, instant on-demand booking on both the Apple and Android platforms.

By Doug Gollan, December 14, 2022

Jet card broker OneFlight International has added a BAJit app that offers confirmed pricing, instant on-demand booking on both the Apple and Android platforms

OneFlight International, Inc. launched the Book a Jet (BAJit) application today, a mobile platform designed to search securely, select, and book private aircraft for on-demand charter.

Available on both Apple and Android devices, the BAJit app provides hard quotes.

Hard quotes are confirmed prices you can pay and buy instantly. Most broker interfaces offer estimated quotes, with actual pricing confirmed later.

“We are thrilled to roll out our app to the masses. Flying private should be as simple as flying commercial or even scheduling an Uber,” said Ferren Rajput, Founder and CEO of OneFlight International, in the announcement.

He adds, “The BAJit app puts it in everyone’s hands and allows users to choose private jets that suit their needs based on what’s available, the size, pricing, and amenities they desire.”

Rajput says once a user selects and pays for the flight, OneFlight will secure that aircraft type or better.

Private jet online booking apps

Industry behemoths Wheels Up and Vista Global, which includes VistaJet and XO, are spending tens of millions of dollars developing marketplace technology that will enable them to provide instant booking at confirmed prices beyond their own fleets.

Vista recently bought Camber, a broker that had developed technology providing enough insight into how much it would cost to source a flight that it was offering consumers a confirmed price for instant booking.

When you are brokering, if you offer instant booking with confirmed prices, the trick is to know you can buy the flight for less than you sold it, something industry experts say is difficult.

While several instant pricing interfaces provide a lag time to confirm the price you bought, Rajput says the online pricing from OneFlight is guaranteed as soon as you pay.

OneFlight sources from over 5,000 aircraft and 700 charter companies globally.

On-demand charter focus

Rajput tells Private Jet Card Comparisons with the app, “We are going after the on-demand charter market more broadly.”

The broker has raised its visibility with high-profile spokespersons, including Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec and Kevin O’Leary, plus Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway.

It also offers a fixed-rate jet card program with guaranteed availability.

Members and non-members alike may track planes and flight paths and save searches on the app, heightening price visibility and comparison shopping for customers searching for the best deal, according to a press release.

Domestic flight pricing is guaranteed if booked within 10 hours of departure, while international departure pricing requires a 96-hour lead time.

Rajput says the goal is to decrease the lead time further.

“Our goal is to drive booking to under a day’s notice for all flights. Eventually, we expect customers will be able to choose a flight path and then be on the plane just a few hours later,” he says.

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