Private Jet Card Comparisons Now Covers Over 100 Private Jet Membership Programs

Private Jet Card Comparisons has expanded its coverage of jet card programs.

By Doug Gollan, May 25, 2017

Private Jet Card Comparisons now includes 25 different companies and over 100 programs covered in our 65-point analysis. Private Jet Card Comparisons is the only independent buyer’s guide to private jet card membership programs that enables readers to compare the programs head-to-head with easy to use spreadsheets. It is also updated so all information includes 2017 private jet card membership programs. 

Founder/Editor-in-Chief Doug Gollan says people always ask, “What’s the best jet card program? However, the answer is depended on what your flying needs are.”

Gollan points to daily minimums. “In the programs we analyzed, they vary from 48 minutes to 3.5 hours. What it means is if your program has a two-hour daily minimum and you make a single 45-minute flight, you end up paying for two hours.”

PJCC Screenshot.png

Different cards also have a different number of peak days. In addition to paying more to fly on peak days, lead time for reservations can range to as much as seven days compared to normally 10 to 24 hours. We’ve found cards with up to 58 peak days. Of course, if you aren’t flying during those times, that’s not a problem.

Each program has its own service area. Fly outside it and you will be subject to higher rates, extra fees and possibly ferry charges.

There is even a variation on what you are charged for taxi time. Some sellers include in their pricing while others charge six or 12 minutes per flight segment. If your hourly rate is $10,000 that could mean $1,200 more for each flight.

Other issues such as WiFi availability on private jets, refund, and refill policy are covered. There is also a corporate overview of each jet card seller with history, CEO listing, and ownership.


Companies included are below:

Air Partner, Inc.

Airstream Jets Inc.

Clay Lacy Aviation

Delta Private Jets, Inc.



Jet Linx Aviation

JetSet Group


Magellan Jets

NetJets / Marquis Jet

Nicholas Air

Paramount Business Jets

Private Jet Service Group (PJS Group)


Prive Jets

Sentient Jet

Silverhawk Aviation

Solairus Aviation

Star Jets International LLC

StraightLine Private Air


Wheels Up

Wholesale Jet Club


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